Osprey Informatics launches thermal condition monitoring solutions for the oil & gas industry

Zone Startups Calgary company Osprey Informatics has created a new monitoring solution for industrial applications in the oil and gas industry.

Osprey’s intelligent visual monitoring platform Osprey Reach paired with thermal cameras dramatically improves incident response and reporting. The solution for injection well leak detection, flare stack monitoring, and storage tank venting detection are proven to deliver a strong return on investment, while also mitigating environmental, safety, and financial risks.

Osprey Reach cost-effectively manages cameras at scale, analyzes visual data with computer vision (AI) & machine learning and input from other sensors and systems, and then distributes personalized, actionable insights to stakeholders across the enterprise. Adding thermal solutions expands Osprey’s industry offerings for leak detection and asset condition monitoring.

“This technology enables companies in the industry to manage more assets without more people, making workers more productive,” says Jeremy Bernard, Chief Innovation Officer with Osprey. “Osprey Reach enables clients to set exception-based alerts for different types of incidents. If an event is triggered, an automated alert will be sent to whoever is set up to receive them, thus minimizing the manual labour of monitoring and inspecting. Osprey’s solutions permit staff to concentrate on more meaningful and important work. Also, since alerts are instant, it allows companies to take immediate action to catch leaks or emissions before they become a financial or environmental risk.”

With this new technology, customers are able to set personalized alerts to ensure exception-based management, backed by Osprey Managed Service for cost-effective, fully supported deployments and customer service.

“Osprey’s thermal condition monitoring and alerting solutions are already being used by customers in the field,” says Bernard. “The solutions are proven to enhance incident response with automated leak detection, while mitigating financial and environmental risk. Osprey has received great feedback and solution requests from enterprises both in the US and Canada, and sees thermal as a key growth area going forward.”

For more information on their new tech, you can learn more on Osprey’s website.