IntelliSports raises round of $2.9MM for healthy living gamification

IntelliSports is pleased to announce the participation of the Quebec government, via its “Créativité Québec” program, in financing totalling $2.9MM.

“With the support of Créativité Québec, IntelliSports will be able to execute on our product vision of using gamification and digital engagement to get people excited about getting healthy. This funding will be used to expand our current products as we move from trials to full-scale offerings. Combined with our earlier $1,400,000 seed round raised with angel investors and Ryerson Futures Zone Startups Sports + Media, it will also allow us to acquire customers at an accelerated pace,” said John Morris, Co-Founder and CFO at IntelliSports.

IntelliSports, a member of the Zone Startups Sports + Media program, seeks to combine two core strengths found in the Quebec market: artificial intelligence and gaming application development. By tapping into these resource-rich areas, the company is creating a new motivation for people to seek healthy alternatives through gaming.

“By blending the engagement principles of games with physical activity, we are changing the core engine behind games. It is time to use technology to improve our quality of life and not to be passive gamers or looking at social network activity. Historically, physical activity was based on long reward cycles. The time between the activity and the improvement of one’s capabilities is too long by today’s standards. If we can provide an instant digital reward—using well established gamification techniques—right after physical activity, our belief is this will further encourage people to get off the couch and get healthy,” said Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Guillemette.

About IntelliSports

IntelliSports is a Montreal-based technology company that combines real world sports with a digitally engaging experience and artificial intelligence to create a new gaming experience. The company uses its collective experience in sports analytics, machine learning, video games and mass-market consumer technology, to create a fitness platform where users can train, group up, compete and enjoy many of the most engaging elements of modern video games, all the while getting healthier.

At IntelliSports, we firmly believe that getting healthy should be as much fun as levelling up in your favourite video game. Real world fitness activities are now available in the comfort of your home, in just a few minutes a day, using only the smartphone in your pocket.

For further information, please visit us at or contact Mr. John Morris at [email protected].

Unsplash: Victor Freitas