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Reduce customer support tickets by 30% with a bot that provides instant answers to your customers’ common questions.

Algo Engines

Provides operational intelligence for wind turbines, met masts, solar plants, and other Internet of Things.

Auto Tranz

Design intelligent systems that understand you and your routine, transforming your car into a “smart car.”


Software that enables operating desktop and laptop computers through voice commands.


Autoyaar is an online marketplace and a one-stop solution for two-wheeler and four-wheeler servicing.


Helps mothers find maternity and child-related products and services.

Bleetech Innovations

A platform for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals which helps them use wearable tech for making their lives simpler by converting sound into…


A safe way for Canadians to get three-to-five-year fixed-rate loans at low interest rates.

Breathing Room is a network of professional workspaces that come with fast Wi-Fi, tea/coffee, projectors, whiteboards, and LED TVs at great prices.


Reimagining digital sponsorships with fan-controlled cameras that overlay authentic branding on user-generated content.


An in-­app bug reporting tool for mobile. It allows beta testers and clients to report issues instantly from the app itself while…


An online education platform for financial courses.


CipherQ aims to build the most secure cyber security company in the world.

Client Desk (claimcast)

Helps insurance companies and brokers digitalize the client experience and internal operations.

Cold Bore Technology

Cold Bore provides its sonic technology to the oil and gas industry to revolutionize accuracy, efficiency, and capability.

Dimension NXG

Computer vision technology to solve tracking and 3D reconstruction, which can be used by mixed reality, virtual reality, drones, and robotics.


The world’s most ultra-portable, easy-to-control camera robot.


CSR Dashboard is used for periodic review, generating standardized reports for compliance and maintaining clean, verifiable impact data for trend­ analysis.


A NextGen hiring product that automates interviews and provides hiring analytics.


A web-based integrated solution to manage customers, sales, and inventory.


A sales & digital marketing cloud platform for educational institutes, helping them acquire and reach more prospect students.

Figure 1

A photo-sharing app that lets healthcare professionals share, view, and discuss medical cases.


An on-demand one-stop platform for all your handyman & home maintenance services.


Fast, flexible, paperless loans without collateral.


Deliver highly-personalized experiences to the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.

Focus Analytics

Indoor navigation technology that utilizes existing hardware, like WiFi and mobile phones, to accurately locate consumers inside indoor locations such as malls…

Fractal Media

An interactive, in-taxi media platform that will host different content forms like videos, micro games, interactive graphics, and more.


Offers deals on brands and restaurants, specifically aimed at students in Mumbai.


Delivering real-time and portable water quality analysis to detect heavy metals and other contaminants.

A personalized travel concierge service powered by AI through a simple chat interface where a customer could make all his or her…


An online hub that centralizes and simplifies everyday school communications and information management.

Intugine Technologies

Intugine’s central product, Nimble, is a wearable to control your smart devices (via Bluetooth Low Energy) through hand gestures.


iOwn is a loyalty aggregator allowing users to consolidate and track loyalty points and savings through personalized offers and deals on their…


Discover and track video trends. Create smart content and engage quality influencers.

Litmus Automation

Provides an end-to-end middleware cloud platform for the Internet of Things.

LiveGauge (Physicalytics)

A real-world analytics company with a plug-and-play sensor and software platform that tracks customer behaviour.


Maximizes sales productivity by delivering peer-to-peer learning via video, within Salesforce.

Magictap Solutions

Provides NFC- and RFID-based technology solutions, such as secured registrations, cashless payment transactions, and ticket fulfillment activations for concerts, branded events, and…

Maxfleet Solutions

Maxfleet’s intelligent inline sensor platforms are applicable to any fluid or equipment, providing lab quality analysis in real time.

Enterprise bots that work everywhere. Reach more users by deploying your enterprise bot to Slack,  HipChat, and Skype.

My Effecto

A feedback mechanism for websites and blogs to capture feedback on articles via emoticons with a range of expressions.

Osprey Informatics

Intelligent visual monitoring for the oil and gas industry.


Piconergy is a for-profit social enterprise which envisions seeing a world free from energy poverty by harnessing renewable energy.


The ultimate weapon in the arsenal of the modern-day strength coach and athlete.


A data design company, visually representing large data sets to make it intuitively simple and actionable for managers and readers alike.


Connects brands with real customers and prospects on social media, providing a unified experience to customers for two-­way interactions with the enterprise.


Delivers real-time analytics and insight for broadcasters, players, and brands in the e-gaming space.

Right Blue Labs

Specializes in athlete monitoring systems to reduce instances of illness, injury, and burnout in athletes.


An experiential learning platform solution that connects top post-secondary students and recent graduates to employers.


A data management and analytics platform to help mid-to-large companies create a single view of customers across multiple tools.


Works with brands to send product samples online with custom targeting, tracking, and real-time analytics.


An education startup providing personalized coaching to K-­12 students using adaptive learning technology and a team of well­-trained, expert teachers.


Helping consumers eliminate the need to collect paper receipts by digitizing them from any source and format.


A cloud-based assistant that brings building automation to small and medium-sized property managers.


A white-­label social network that offers traders inspiration to share trades and ideas globally with others, along with integrated trade copy and…

Shirsa Labs

Provides customized assessment and training of cognitive skills for children between 5­ and 15 using online educational games.


Helping small businesses recapture website visitors through retargeted advertising.

Smooth Commerce

The customer activation platform that combines payment, offers, loyalty, and customer engagement in a mobile app.


A service for enterprises that lets them collect, manage, and act on employee ideas to solve big challenges faster.


Spenwise is a prepaid debit card and mobile app for young people that helps students learn financial responsibility from a young age.


Professional hockey’s deepest performance data and analytics.


SteadfastBeta connects you to the people you’re trying to serve so you can share your ideas, validate your designs, and test your…

Stream Systems

Letting energy companies identify, assess, and reduce system bottlenecks by providing planning and an optimization toolkit.

Swift Medical

Lets doctors and nurses measure and document a patient’s chronic wounds using a smartphone.


Synervoz builds audio and voice communications software. Its flagship app, turnmeup, allows anyone to listen to music and talk at the same time…

Tiny Hearts

We make apps, games, and bots for ourselves and clients. Apps like WakeAlarm, Quick Fit, and NextKeyboard.


A marketplace mobile app aimed at retail investors in the Indian equity, commodity, and currency markets that connects providers and consumers of…

True Siteview

Geospatial firm that eliminates rework from engineering, fabrication and construction activities.


Matching travellers with the right accessible holiday.

underDOGS Gaming

A multi-product company that develops mobile games on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.


An omni-­channel solution that aims to change the offline shopping experience for both retailers and consumers.


Helps companies communicate insights into their data with easy-to-read language using artificial intelligence.


VZIPIT (pronounced “we zip it”) is a technology startup harnessing the power of cloud, web, and mobile applications.



A suite of technology products specially developed for hospitality industry to improve guest experience across touch points including in-room, restaurant, front-desk and…

Yes Ma’am

A communication app for parents, teachers, and school authorities.


A Toronto-based insurance tech company focused on a simple and powerful experience for clients.

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