Flybits Raises $6.5MM Series B Round, Partners with Bouygues, Launches New Experience Studio

Flybits, one of the first Ryerson Futures companies, is growing and building, making their mark on the data intelligence industry with a funding round, a new partnership, and an updated platform.

Series B Round

The company recently raised their second round of funding to further expand their operations. Information Venture Partners led the round of $6.5 million, with new investor Portag3 Ventures LP and existing investors Robert Bosch Venture Capital and Trellis Capital. This raises Flybits’ total funding to $14 million since launching in 2013.

“This funding will allow us to ramp up our sales efforts in the United States and Europe, reinforce our existing global presence, and expand our product and engineering teams to strengthen Flybits’ unique machine learning capabilities,” said Dr. Hossein Rahnama, founder and CEO of Flybits. “Our product focus now is simplifying how our customers leverage their data ecosystem and drive customer engagement.”

New Partnership

In early July, Flybits partnered with Bouygues Energies & Services, a global service partner focused on connected buildings and cities. The partnership combines Flybits’ context-aware computing and machine intelligence capabilities with Bouygues’ global expertise in facilities management, creating a new, interconnected workplace. Many built environments like offices, campuses, and hospitals will be empowered through new technology created by this partnership, where the user is places at the centre of the service delivery.

For example, if an employee walks into a boardroom for an important meeting, documents can be sent directly to her phone and will pop up on the room’s digital display. Alternatively, if a new student arrives on campus for the first time, welcome documents can arrive on his device and the appropriate greeter or employee receives a notification that he’s nearby. Location is leveraged from beacons and employee permissions enable the enterprise to ensure that information remains confidential and secure.

“A context-aware, intelligent workplace will help our customers establish themselves as leaders in building efficiency, employee productivity, and talent retention. We look forward to working with Flybits to continuously improve our connected workplace offering,” said Emmanuel Chautemps, director of commercial buildings at Bouygues Energies & Services.

Experience Studio

Along with their new partnership, Flybits is launching its new Experience Studio, radically simplifying how the enterprise brings contextual customer engagement to its digital strategy.

“The goal was to build a product in which design and engineering are symbiotic,” said Rahnama. “Our amazing team made it happen, applying the principles of design thinking all the way from the product’s visual interface to its engineering core. Experience Studio enables enterprises to leverage data intelligence and predict their customers’ needs, with minimal background integration and infrastructure costs.”

By analyzing a customer’s unique situation, Enterprise Studio can create context rules to determine the behaviour of their mobile app or web page. Flybits is beneficial to all industries including retail and investment banking, travel, hospitality, and telecommunications.

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Unsplash: Antonio Grosz